Call for Participation

The HacKeYthon is a two-day event with the goal of bringing forward the development of the KeY system and to transfer knowledge from experienced developers to newer members and associates of the KeY project. In particular, also students working as student assistants with KeY or writing a related Bachelor or Master thesis are cordially invited to join the event. Participants will work in small groups of 3-5 persons on one or more topics of suitable scope. Each group should consist of at least one experienced and at least one less experienced developer.

During the registration, each interested participant can assign preferences to the list of proposed topics. So far, the list comprises the following topics:

  1. Refactoring the Taclet Instantiation Window
    • Improving the KeY dialog for the instantiation of taclets
    • Thereby, refactoring the KeY term grammar such that we have parseable pretty-printing
  2. Dialog Streamlining
  3. Abstract Data Types for KeY
    • Creation of an ADT mechanism for KeY.
    • Possibility to create user-defined ADTs from within KeY files (and maybe JML).
  4. Implementing and Integrating Tries for KeY
  5. Parallelization: Simultaneous proving of distinct branches
  6. Proof Management
    • Project-based display of the total proof state of a system
    • Visualization of finished and open proofs for all proof obligations associated to the system, checking cyclic dependencies
  7. Interaction Logging
    • Logging user interactions with the prover
    • Extraction of proof scripts
    • User Interface metrics: How much effort was it to close that proof?

Each group will have a speaker, which shall be an experienced developer or senior project member, responsible for preparing the topic.

The HacKeYthon begins on Thu, Dec. 6th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. and ends the next day, Fri Dec. 7th, 2018 at (approximately) 4:00 p.m.

(Changes to) deadlines, general announcements etc. will be published via the HacKeYthon web page. Please check the page regularly to be up to date.

There will be a student award for excellent contributions during the HacKeYthon. The receiver of the award is chosen by the organization committee.

We hope for a high number of participants. Let’s make KeY ready for the next decades!