TimSort (Tools and Proofs of JAR submission)

The file TimSortProofs.zip contains the KeY Tool, the TimSort source file as well as the saved proofs of the TimSort case study. After unzipping you find the following directory structure
  • bin/

    This directory contains the used version of the KeY Tool. You can start KeY with the command

    java -Xmx<memory>G -jar KeY.jar

    (assuming you are in the directory bin otherwise you need to specify the full path to the file KeY.jar).

    Attention: You need Java 8 to run KeY.

    For most of the proofs to load you need to replace <memory> by 2 (i.e., java -Xmx2G KeY.jar). The following table provides the required memory allocations:

    mergeLo16G(you might want to start KeY in addition with -XX:+UseG1GC before the memory parameter)
    all others2G
  • sorting/This directory contains the KeY project setup incl. the source code and specification of TimSort
    • The file src/java/util/TimSort.java contains the TimSort implementation and its JML specification
    • The subdirectory proof/new_proofs/finished/ contains the proofs in zipped form. You need to unzip them manually before loading. After starting KeY you can load the unzipped proofs via the menu File | Load .
    • If you want to verify TimSort yourself, you need to select the file Sort.key in menu File | Load

The shell script autoRun.sh replays all proofs automatically (without starting KeY’s GUI) and outputs some statistics into the directory replayResults/